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The Assisi Loop produces a targeted pulsed electromagnetic field(tPEMF), which helps speed healing for inflammatory or painful conditions. ​

The device is powered by a battery. When placed on the body and turned on, electricity runs around the metallic loop in a pulsing pattern (the frequency increases and decreases).

This produces an electromagnetic field. The field causes a microcurrent (a tiny electrical signal) to flow into the body's tissues, stimulating the tissue cells to perform a number of natural healing functions – most importantly, to produce nitric oxide, a molecule in the body that is instrumental in the healing process.

The discovery of nitric oxide's role in promoting healing was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998.

Nitric oxide:

  • improves blood flow and circulation

  • reduces swelling and inflammation

  • helps speed healing of ligaments, tendons, skin, bones, and internal organs

  • reduces pain so that narcotic and NSAID medications can be reduced or eliminated


The technology in the veterinary Assisi Loop is based on the same technology that is FDA-cleared for human use and is currently being used successfully for human health issues.


$269 + Free Shipping

Please Call (949)201-9775 or Email us to place your order as some states require a prescription

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